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Mar 14, 2023

Craft Workshop Q&A with Just Ginger

At this year’s Craft & Gift Fair, we’re so excited to be adding some craft workshops to the day’s line-up. With craft workshops including felt sculptures, macrame plant hangers, Easter table flower decorations and Children’s Easter biscuit decorating, there really is a workshop for all interests this April.

Ahead of the workshops, we’ll be catching up with the wonderful faces behind our workshops to give a little Q&A. First up in this series is Kirsty from Just Ginger who will be running her Children’s Easter Biscuit Decoration class at 11.30am and 2.30pm.

Just Ginger Children’s Easter Biscuits Workshop Q&A

Q: Are the biscuits very spicy, I am not very fond of ginger.

A: The recipe produces a biscuit with a lightly spiced caramel type flavour that have a snap but are not hard. Spicier biscuits can be made on request but most people seem to prefer the milder version.

Q: Do you cater for special diets?

A: The basic biscuits are made with butter, eggs and plain flour but gluten free and dairy free biscuits can be ordered ahead.

Q: Can I request vegan biscuits for decorating?

A: Vegan biscuits can be requested but the icing provided is royal icing (with egg white) to help the decorations set firm. I use melted dark chocolate to decorate my vegan range of biscuits but this is not suitable for a children’s workshop.

Q: What do we get to decorate the biscuits with?

A: Royal icing, and I usually get a range of sweeties from my local sweet shop. I always have sprinkles and mini smarties for colour and that chocolate hit, which works well with the biscuits. At workshops, everyone gets their own pack of decorating goodies.

Q: Is decorating biscuits a messy activity?

A: It really depends on the person but hand washing facilities are provided, as are aprons to cover clothing just in case.

Q: How long does it take to decorate biscuits?

A: Creativity comes in all forms- for some it’s quite a quick job but others can take more time to plan and work more precisely. The baskets are made while the biscuits have a few minutes to set.

Q: How big are the decorating biscuits?

A: I make biscuits in all shapes and sizes- for the Easter activity however, there will be 5 biscuits approximately 8×6cm but varies a bit depending on the shape.

Book a place at the Just Biscuit Workshop

Kirsty will be running two workshops at the Craft and Gift Fair at Newton Abbot Racecourse on Saturday 1 April, 2023:

TIME OF WORKSHOPS: 11.30am and 2.30pm
PLACES AVAILABLE: 10 places per session
COST PER CHILD: £7.50 per child
LOCATION: 1st Floor next to main café area

Each child will receive 5 biscuits to decorate and be able to make up a lovely paper basket to hold them.

Parents will need to be near by and for smaller children maybe support a little.

Each workshop lasts approximately 30 minute