Racecourse Association

With 57 racecourse members, the Racecourse Association works with racecourses around the country to increase and develop income streams and ensure the highest professional standard in all aspects including health and safety, and management. They actively find ways to promote the interests of the industry.

British Horseracing Authority

The role of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is to ensure that there’s a high level of continual development in the sport. With a responsibility to provide attractive and exciting racing, and ensuring the highest standards for sport and participants, the BHA represents and promotes horseracing in the UK.

Racehorse Owners Association

With over 7,000 members, the Racehorse Owners Association (ROA) looks to protect the interests of racehorse owners across the UK. Funded almost entirely from membership income, the ROA plays a key role in British racing politics.

National Trainers Federation

With the objective of representing and protecting trainers’ interests, the National Trainers Federation has grown to be a reliable and respected organisation. It’s a professional body for licensed racehorse trainers, providing a range of publications and services. On hand to provide support, advice and information, the National Trainers Federation offers access to a wide range of professionals.

Racing Fixtures

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