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Mar 23, 2023

Craft & Gift Fair: Macrame Workshop - Now Reduced!

Macrame is the interior trend that is everywhere at the moment! From accessories to wall hangings, macrame is so on-trend.

If you’ve always wanted to put your craft skills to the test, your luck is in. At the Craft & Gift Fair on Saturday 1 April 2023, we’ll be joined by Sam from Rock Your Knots Off Macrame who will be running a brilliant macrame plant hanger workshop – now reduced to only £17pp!

The workshop, which lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes, will give you the tools and teach you the skills to create your own beautiful macrame plant hanger under the watchful eyes of Sam.


Macrame Workshop Q & A with Rock Your Knots Off Macrame

What even is macrame?

Macrame is the art of creating beautiful textiles using a variety of different knots.

What cord do I need to make macrame?

You can use pretty much any kind of string or cord to macrame. There are specific macrame cords and yarns that are best to work with; however twine, string, wool, even ribbon can be used.

How do I work out how much cord I need?

4.5x the length of the finished piece e.g. if you want your wall hanging to measure 150cm in length, cut the cords 675cm. This is a rough guide and varies on the type of knots you plan to use

How do you actually pronounce macrame?

The British pronunciation is muh-kraa-mee however you may also hear it pronounced mac-ruh-may which is the American pronunciation

How do I book?

The plant hanger workshop can be booked online here, now for only £17.00pp – Book Now

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